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About HD CCTV Solutions

HD CCTV Solutions is an online shop selling high quality HD CCTV equipment. We are able to supply HD CCTV cameras and DVR's to installers and educated end users who require an HD-SDI solution to improve their current CCTV System. We strive to supply high quality HD CCTV equipment that will provide quality images at an affordable cost. HD will soon be the only way to view CCTV images. With the demise of analogue as a technology, HD CCTV has the ability to review recordings and zoom into events without disproportionate loss of definition meaning better evidence. This technology is the new way to supply CCTV in the UK for security installers.

Trading as PIXC Ltd this website is for serious installers and educated end users who understand security and CCTV. When registered as an installer or end user we are able to provide you with highly competitive prices.

Pixc Ltd